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Crab Walk Sensory Path Decals

Crab Walk Sensory Path Decals

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The Crab Walk Sensory Path Decals can strengthen core muscles, balance, and provide agility sensory input activities.  To use the Crab Walk set, have your student sit down on the ground and place their hands behind them on the floor.  Children will then push up from their bottoms into a tabletop position, with their backs straight.  Once in position, the children will move sideways from the start of the line to the end.  This set comes with 16 rectangles to design your own Crab Walk. That’s enough to stretch 8 feet if laid in a straight line.  When we created this Crab walk, we wanted to give you the ability to choose how you use it.  Instead of making the line in a solid piece, we decided to give you more control and made the line into rectangles instead.  This allows you to create a simple line, loops, or even zig zags depending on your students’ needs and skills.  

Included in the Crab Walk Sensory Path set: 

  • 3 – 7” crabs
  • 16 – 5” rectangles to create your own path

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